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Legacy Cross Bores - Project Operations Flow Chart

Project Management and Planning

  • New Techniques and tools offer the ability to locate and subsequently eliminate previously constructed cross bores before collateral damage and injuries occur.
  • Essential to utilization of the new technologies and techniques is a plan for utilization.
  • The plan should be considered to have a strong QA/QC component for verification of the extent and thoroughness of the field work.
  • Physical re-inspection by different field crews of a percentage of prior completed inspection work is recommended as part of the QA/QC program.

Flow Chart and PowerPoint Presentation

  • A Flow Chart and Presentation (courtesy Hydromax USA) and has been developed for Legacy inspection for cross bores
  • QA/QC processes are essential for a high confidence level
  • Multiple tools and techniques should be expected to complete a project. If one tool/technique is not successful, then alternate methods must be selected until 100% of potentials are inspected.
  • The process depicted is field and office QA/QC to be effective
  • Alternate new technologies should continually be evaluated as they become available.

 Legacy Project Process - ListPowerPoint illustration - 5 pages (58 kb).

Legacy Projects - Master Chart