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Directors & Officers of CBSA   

 Mr. Mark Bruce
- Director & President CBSA

Hydromax USA
Executive Vice President
Pipe inspection and data integration services
 Mr. Mark Wallbom
- Director & Vice President CBSA
Consultant, Retired
Former Miller Pipeline & Hydromax USA executive
 Mr. Walt Kelly
- Director & Secretary CBSA 
Walt Kelly Enterprises
Safety consulting 

Lance AndrewsMr. Lance Andrews, DirectorAtmos Energy, Dir. of Dallas Operations,
Natural gas distribution
Bernie BernhardMr. Bernie Bernhard, DirectorAssoc. of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), Manager
Advocate for manufacturing companies
Mr. Pat Gribbon, Director Enbridge Gas,
Specialist - Cross Bore Integrity
Gas distribution
Susan HarmonMs. Susan Harmon,  DirectorCharles Machine Works, Mgr. rod. & Safety Compliance,
Equipment manufacturing
 Mr. Mike Kemper
Canadian Utility Construction Co.
Pipeline construction, maintenance, test, repair
Dr. Mark KnightDr. Mark Knight, DirectorUniversity of Waterloo
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Mr. Steve Lacy
Hydromax USA, LLC
Chairman of Board
Utility inspection, locating data QA/QC services
 Mr. Brian Matson
Digital Control Inc.
Global Accounts Manager
Locating equipment manufacturer 
 Mr. Joe Purtell
Cues Inc.
Vice President
Robotic camera & sensor manufacturer 
 Ms. Annmarie Roberston
Department of Transportation, PHMSA - Office of Pipeline Safety
Senior Program Manager
Mr. Greg Scoby
Crossbore Consultants,  Inc.
Utility services consulting
Christina SamesMs. Christina Sames, DirectorV.P., American Gas Association (AGA),
Vice President of Operations and Engineering
Gas industry & gas customers advocate

he Directors of the Cross Bore Safety Association comprise a wide cross section of industry interests. These individuals are recognized as leaders in the industry. They serve as uncompensated volunteers.

to the new CBSA Board Member:

Mr. Pat Gribbon, Enbridge Gas