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 Papers & Presentations


Introduction to Leading Practices for Cross Bore Risk Reduction, February, 2020, 14 pages, 1.5 Mb

                                                FULL Leading Practices for Cross Bore Risk Reduction
Leading Practices Introduction Paper

Preventing and Eliminating Cross BoresPreventing and Eliminating Cross Bores - Increasing Safety and Reducing Risk

Eliminating Cross Bores Gains Momemtum - ArticleEliminating Cross Bores Gains Momentum - Article, May, 2008

CBSA Benefits and FocusCBSA Direction and Focus Discussion

Presentations / Slide Shows:

Leading Practices Presentation for Cross Bore Risk Reduction

                                   PowerPoint, 17 Mb or PDF, 30 Mb Versions

Leading Practices Presentation   

NARUC Dallas July 15, 2014


   NARUC Dallas July, 15 2014 Presentation, 17 Mb PowerPoint


Canadian Institute - Calgary, Pipeline Safety

Canadian Institute, Calgary-Pipe Line Safety, 29/5/13,3 Mb PDF


Inspections for Eliminating Cross Bores  -  SGA, July, 2012, 4Mb - 36 Slides PDF version



Preventing Cross Bores - Solutions & Progress February, 2012
5 Mb, PDF Version


Cross Bores - Mike Kemper, NPL Construction Company
7 Mb, PDF version



Preventing Cross Bores-An Overview of Vectren's Process - Jennifer Fisher, Vectren
3 Mb, PDF Version

Cross Bore Prevention - A Canadian Utility Perspective - Jason Samara and Clifford Clark, Enbridge Gas Distribution Company
7 Mb, PDF Version

Planning and Execution of an Effective Cross Bore Elimination Program - Hydromax USA
5 Mb, PDF Version

New Technologies Build on Current Success for Utility Location and Cross Bore Elimination - Mark Wallbom May 2010
3.5 Mb, PDF Version

3/9/10 Minnesota Summit CBSA PresentationCross Bore Safety Assoc Presents at the Minnesota Summit March 2010

Beginning the End of Cross Bores
(2009 PowerPoint Presentation, 5 Mb converted to PDF format)

Sanitary Sewer Cross Bore Inspection Process - Presentation
Sanitary Sewer Cross Bore Inspection Process - 4 Slides

CCTV & GPS Cross Bore LoacatingCCTV & GPS Cross Bore Locating in Sewers - Courtesy Cues, Inc.

CBSA at CGA 2008 PresentationCBSA at CGA 2008 Presentation - 4.4 Mb, 59 Slides